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Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney Michael Hanamirian understands the seriousness of motorcycle crashes. That’s because he and the rest of his legal team at The Hanamirian Firm, PC have been handling such complex cases for more than three decades. We know what legal issues often come up and how to address them and build the strongest possible legal case.

The key to our success is we never take anything for granted. We take the time to find out exactly what happened to you. We listen. We then carefully investigate your motorcycle accident in search of evidence – whether it’s analyzing your accident report or tracking down witnesses. Whatever it takes to uncover the truth, we’re prepared to do.

Common legal issues involving motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often among the most serious cases we handle at our law firm. That’s why it’s important know as much as possible about your accident. Below, you can find more information in general about motorcycle accidents.

Another important thing to remember about motorcycle accidents – no two crashes are every exactly the same. That’s why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we want to meet with you as soon as possible to learn more about your crash.

How do I know if I have a motorcycle accident case?

The best way to know if you have a motorcycle accident case is to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. A lawyer who has handled such cases should be able to evaluate your case and explain whether or not you likely have a case. Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney Michael Hanamirian can do this for you, free of charge.

In general, if another vehicle crashed into your motorcycle and caused your collision, you mostly likely should be entitled to receive financial compensation for your accident-related expenses. But there’s no guarantee that you will automatically be compensated just because you should be for your crash. Often, the person who caused your accident will deny doing anything wrong. That’s why it’s important to talk with a lawyer right away after your motorcycle accident.

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How much does a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer cost?

There is no set dollar amount for hiring a motorcycle accident attorney. Each case is different and so is each lawyer. Many Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorneys receive a percentage of the money awarded to someone injured in a motorcycle crash. This arrangement is known as a contingency fee payment method. Our law firm works this way. As a result, you only need to pay for our services if you receive a financial settlement or verdict.

Our costs vary depending on a wide range of factors. In particular, whether or not your case goes to trial can be very important. Gathering evidence and conducting a thorough investigation can also have a significant impact on the legal cases associated with your case. But one thing is for sure. You can count on our law firm to spend each dollar wisely and to work tirelessly to obtain the maximum financial compensation available for your Philadelphia motorcycle accident.

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How much is my Philadelphia motorcycle accident worth?

This is probably the most common – and most important – question people ask our law firm when they contact us. The reality is every motorcycle accident is different. Some might be worth a few thousand dollars. Others may be worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

The big difference often comes down to how much your motorcycle accident-related expenses add up to after your crash. Such expenses can cover a wide range, from medical care to money for the income you are not receiving during your recovery, which could last weeks, months or perhaps even years. That’s why we want to meet with you as soon as possible to evaluate your case and give you a better idea of what your case might be worth.

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How much time do I have to file a motorcycle accident claim in Pennsylvania?

The deadline for filing a motorcycle accident claim in Pennsylvania is two years. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations. And in most cases, the clock starts running from the date of your motorcycle accident.

Two years might seem like a long time. But that doesn’t mean you should wait that long to take legal action. In most cases, the sooner you take legal action, the better. That’s because the evidence you need to build a successful legal case can disappear over time. This includes physical evidence, like your damaged motorcycle or the car that crashed into you. It can also include witnesses who saw your accident. It’s not unusual for people who saw an accident to move away or forget what happened. That’s why we want to get right to work on your case as soon as possible.

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Discover what a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer can do for you

There’s another reason why motorcycle accidents are often such complex cases. Some people automatically blame motorcyclists for causing every motorcycle accident. And some insurance companies agree with them. That’s because there’s often thousands or even millions of dollars at stake.

We know the truth. We know that most motorcyclists follow the rules of the road. It’s the other drivers who are often to blame. But it often takes a lot of work to find the facts to support your claim. Some law firms avoid such tough cases. We thrive on them. That’s why attorney Hanamirian would be honored to help you.

Put your trust in a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney you can count on in a crisis. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation with The Hanamirian Firm, PC. When you hire us, you can expect the personalized attention you need and deserve after your motorcycle accident. Attorney Michael Hanamirian truly cares about your case.

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