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How To Read Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Report

Our Philadelphia car accident lawyer explains what you need to know

If you have been involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania, the police officer investigating your crash likely filled out a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Police Crash Reporting Form. This accident form can be a critical piece of evidence.

That’s why it’s important that you verify that all the information included on this form. Otherwise, you might not receive the financial compensation you need and deserve for your car accident-related expenses.

Philadelphia car accident lawyer Michael Hanamirian knows how read such forms. That’s because he and the entire legal team at The Hanamirian Firm, PC have decades of experience handling complex car accidents.

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Understanding your Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Police Crash Reporting Form

Page 1

Hanamirian Car Accident Report infographic page 1

Box 1

This part of the accident form might not seem that important at first. It’s reserved for when your accident took place and who was the responding police officer. But every detail counts when trying to obtain financial compensation for your crash. And if one minor detail is wrong, the other driver’s insurance company may try to use such a mistake to reduce or deny your claim.

Boxes 2 – 7

The investigating police officer uses this section to describe the exact time and location of your crash. Details matter. Make sure these facts are accurate. As with Box 1, if there are any mistakes here, such inaccurate information could jeopardize the outcome of your accident claim.

Boxes 8 – 9

This part of the form concerns “lane closure” data and “traffic control devices” (which can include traffic lights, stop signs, etc.) that were present at the scene of your accident. Were these devices working at the time of your crash? Was the traffic light red or green? Make sure the correct information is included here.

Page 2

Hanamirian Car Accident Report infographic page 2

Boxes 10 – 11

These boxes contain the personal information of everyone involved in the accident. This includes the drivers, pedestrians, etc. If anyone was under the influence of alcohol, that information should be entered here as well. If not, we can work with you to make sure the correct information is included in your accident report.

Box 12

Important information about all the vehicles involved in the accident can be found here. This includes the angle of impact at the time of the crash and severity of the damage to the vehicles. What the investigating police officer writes here can have a dramatic impact on how much financial compensation you receive for your crash.

Page 3

Hanamirian Car Accident Report infographic page 3

Box 13

If anyone involved in your car accident was taken to a hospital or treated by a medical professional at the scene of the accident, that information should be included here.

Page 4

Hanamirian Car Accident Report infographic page 4

Boxes 14 – 19

If more than one person was injured in your car accident, the investigating police officer should include that information here. If that information isn’t here, we want to help you set the record straight. Details matter. And so does your case.

Page 5

Hanamirian Car Accident Report infographic page 5

Box 20

This may be the most important box on your accident form. This is the one reserved for a diagram of your car crash. What the investigating police officer enters here often matters a lot to insurance companies. If there’s a mistake in the diagram, the other driver’s insurance company might try to somehow blame you for causing the crash.

Boxes 21 – 22

The final boxes on the accident form are reserved for the investigating police officer’s description of your car accident. The precise wording of the officer’s description is very important. That’s because insurance companies often carefully review each sentence in search of any justification to reduce or deny your accident. We can review this part of the form – and the entire form as a whole – so it accurately reflects exactly what happened. You know the truth. We can help make sure the facts are accurate. That’s our job and we’re honored to work with you.

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